In the sunset

of the

petroleum industry

In 2004, the US consumed 20.4 million barrels a day. Initially the US was self-sufficient in oil, but since World War 2 its consumption has ballooned to the point where it now has to import more than half what it uses.

Michael Klare, an American security analyst and author of , Resource Wars, warns, a global oil shortage leads to more intense international competition for it, with struggles to control access to sources of supply.

With less than 5% of the worlds population, the US consumes a quarter of the worlds total supply of oil. And if current trends persist, according to Klare, by 2025 it will be consuming half as much again.

Prices are through the roof and still we use it faster.

When will cost make room for renewables or when will we refuse to pay?

We are Draining the Worlds Petroleum Reserves Dry


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